Summer vacation in Kumamoto


I was spent in Kumamoto summer vacation this year.
It was very refreshing as I return to hometown.
You will arrive in Kumamoto in about 1 hour 30 minutes from Tokyo Haneda Airport.
Since there is not much traffic means to move from the airport,
please ride Transportation Center bus If you go to the Kumamoto city.
If you go to Mount Aso, you can move the cheapest free bus of Higo-Ozu Train Station so that
starting from the parking lot in front of the airport.
Fee is high taxi.



When you visit Kumamoto if, you should go to the hot springs.
It is okay tired of bathing with others.
There is a system called family bath, it is private.
Amount of money is also cheap and 1 hour and 20$.
You will be able to relax.


It is not a place modern, but you can see the rural areas of Japan in Kumamoto.
And the food is delicious.

And Some cute cat. Hahaha!


Kumamoto is recommended.
Means of transportation is not well developed,
the person who had the car if you can drive you have a international license if is good.
But the journey of the train is also fun

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